Don’t Worry Dan Humphrey Stans, There Will Be A ‘You’ Season 3

*pulls down baseball cap*

You‘s been out for a month and it’s safe to say, the whole world has already watched it. But if you were bummed and thought Dan Humphrey, I mean Will Bettelheim, I mean Joe Goldberg’s creepy love life was over… don’t worry, Netflix has got your back.

That’s right, You Season 3 is actually happening. 2020, what’s up?

There’s no release date yet, of course, as the show hasn’t even started filming, but we can guess it’ll probably be a little after Christmas…

As for the plot — it’s hard to say where this next season will go. According to rumours based on Carolie Kepnes’ as-of-yet unfinished third and fourth installments of the books the series is based on, it will follow Joe’s life with Love and his transition into a dad slash creepy — I mean, thoughtful — neighbour. 

Honestly, not even too worried about the plot. I just need to know when it’s back!

Image: Tumblr