Bonds Has GOTS You

Organic cotton undies FTW.

It’s no secret that we love Bonds. Over the last year, everyone’s fav Aussie brand has dropped some dreamy campaigns — with even dreamier products — that celebrate real women and the issues that are important to us.  

And their latest release hits all of the above, again, while also adding a huge new sustainability tick — with it being their first range made with full traceability and manufacturing transparency.

Aptly named Organics, the range includes trunks, briefs, bralettes and cute crops in classic Bonds cuts (in the most perfect palette of neutrals and earthy block colours!) that are made from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton. GOTS is the world’s leading textile processing standard for organic fibers that aims to keep things ethical throughout the entire making-of process — from the sourcing of raw material to labeling and their ultimate distribution as products that end up in your shopping cart. So, basically, it is very legit!


To celebrate the launch of these new good for the world comfy basics, Bonds has released their ‘We Gots You’ campaign, starring Oyster favourite, game-changing model and body activist Paloma Elsesser, along with Aussie musician and sustainability advocate, Cody Simpson, and models Ruby Campbell and Jolina Pollax. The casting makes sense because both Paloma and Cody have killed it in their careers mostly due to their raw authenticity. Get it?


“It’s so cool to see a brand like Bonds embrace sustainability from top to bottom,” Elsesser said about teaming up with the brand to support the collection. “What’s lacking in the consumer market around sustainability is just transparency — how its’ sourced, how it’s made… and it’s so cool that Bonds has made an effort to change that.”


The Bonds Organics range is now available in-store and online at