Teens Are Turning Themselves Into Gucci Models On TikTok

“Gucci, if you are watching, please let me model for you.”

Kids these days… When I was a teenager, we were busy stealing cigarettes and trying to learn the dance moves to the latest Spice Girls single. It definitely wasn’t cool, and when I wasn’t wearing my softball uniform, I was wearing way too low-cut Frankie B. jeans (if you know, you know) and some kind of bejeweled tank top that read cute sayings like “90% angel” or “A Little Bit Dramatic.” Needless to say, I wasn’t rocking Gucci… or even pretending to, like today’s teenagers.

The latest viral trend to take over TikTok is the Gucci Model Challenge — “Gucci, if you are watching this, please let me model for you” — in which TikTokers have essentially broken down Alessandro Michelle’s aesthetic genius into a 15-second How-To using original audio narration from non-binary Chilling Adventures of Sabrina star, Lachlan Watson (whose original video is unfortunately now unavailable), with others using a version by creator Morgan Presley

With the voiceover explaining the key styling steps to get the Gucci look, kids are taking clothes from their own closet (if they are actually Gucci, it’s just a bonus), and looking like they just stepped off of Michele’s runway. They’re doing it by piling on as many contrasting colors and patterns as they can — starting with “a random turtleneck, make it colourful” topped with a “some random shirt that doesn’t match it” and a “random vest” as “layering is important.” Next up is “a bright jacket”, “some vinyl pants”, and “a little mini-skirt over the top”, before finishing things off with a silky headscarf (“this is very crucial”), sunglasses, heels with socks, and some bright pink lipstick. Peak Gucci. It’s pretty impressive, actually. 

With circa 8 million views on #GucciModelChallenge and 28 million on #GucciModel, we’d be surprised if Gucci wasn’t watching right now. And while it might all just seem like a bit of fun or wishful thinking, with Gucci’s penchant for offbeat casting, chances are high that this unofficial model search might just become the real deal very soon — “And just like that, I’m a model for Gucci.” 

Check out some of our fave picks below. 


If the trend proves anything, it’s that the youth really does know what’s up and that, as we’ve said beforeBabushkacore is still a thing and isn’t going anywhere. Especially nowadays, because once things hit TikTok they’re bound to make their way into every closet in the world. That’s just capitalism. But at least when today’s kids get old and tired, they’ll be able to look back and say, “I basically wore Gucci…” — and hopefully, that’ll age better than Frankie B.

Images/GIFS: TikTok/Giphy; Gucci Resort ’21 campaign photo courtesy of the brand.