FYI Rihanna Is Working On A Cookbook

Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Stars — they’re just like us! Seeing influencers flying in private jets to fancy island vacations, it’s sometimes hard to remember that celebrities are just people. And while we’re all stuck inside quarantining, they are too. Or, at least Rihanna is. In a new feature with Closer, she told an interviewer that she’s been taking time to relax over lockdown. “I am always busy and quarantine gave me the time to do things I wouldn’t always have been able to do – watch an entire box set in a day, cook, go for walk,” said the singer. “It’s important we do little things we enjoy and are kind to ourselves.” And while the whole world was seemingly cooking sourdough, Rihanna, on the other hand, was cooking Barbadian food and fresh fish, so much so, that the singer is working on a Carribean cookbook, featuring all of her favourite recipes. Can’t wait.

Though she didn’t reveal any plans for the books release, or what more we can expect from the project, she did mention that she’s “always working on music,” and has used this time in isolation to creatively reset. “2021 is a little unknown for everybody and nobody is sure what restrictions there are going to be,” she added. “My creativity is within my control though, and I want to take my music and my brands to a different level.”

Does that mean we can expect a new Rihanna album next year? Here’s hoping.

Image: Instagram