‘Daria’ Creators Give Update On Where The Crew Are At Right Now

Sick sad future.

You already know Daria is a pizza-loving existentialist with monologue skills rivalled only by Malcom in the Middle, but have you ever wondered what her and the lawndale crew are up to 20 years on? Either, really, but as avid fans of Where Are The Now specials we’re pretty happy to find out.

Entertainment Weekly did the hard yards here, getting co-creator Susie Lewis and character designer Karen Disher to draw up character cards and detail the destiny of each.
Daria has moved to New York, of course, to work as the only female writer on a late-night talk show. A very topical fate. She shares her spot with a black cat named Godzilla, very 90s, but unfortunately has not married Jane.
Jane also lives in New York, in a SoHo loft with her archaeologist husband, though looks like she’s spent a bit too much time in Berlin. She’s a semi-successful artist, and is probs being mooched off by Trent who lives in Queens.
Watch the clip below to find out if Quinn is a style icon and if Kevin and Britney are still dumb and hot.


GIFs: Tumblr