Hayley Morgan

Indigenous Activist Aretha Brown on Identity and Driving Real Change

"I don’t care what shape your work comes in, at least you’re trying. And as an activist, that’s all I can ask for."

Get To Know Baker Boy, The Australian Rapper Inspiring Us To Work Harder And Better

"Trying something new is always scary but, once you do it, it’s fun."

The ‘Zola’ Stripper Film Via That 2015 Twitter Thread Is Finally Here

Ya'll wanna hear the story about why me and this b*tch here fell out?????

Meet The Cool Young People Who Are Driving Tel Aviv’s Creative Scene

"If you wanna live in a whirlwind for some time — yalla, this is your place."

Amyl And The Sniffers Talk Punk Rock, Freedom And Fantasy For Oyster #117

"Live free, do what you want, we’re all gonna die, so what does it matter anyway?"

ZitSticka’s New Pimple Patch Campaign Is Very Real And Very Us

Tag yourself, we're the wine in the bath tub selfie.

An Excerpt From Jerico Mandybur’s Brilliant ‘Neo Tarot’

"Tarot is the blueprint, but you are the architect of your own life."

Rina Sawayama On Social Media And Being Queer for Oyster #116

"I wanted to talk about my sexuality in a way that is celebratory, but that also tells a different story. There are so many songs about being proud, I wanted to speak about what I was feeling."

Max Mara Honours Berlin’s Creative Icons And Hopeful Renaissance For Resort 2020

"I wanted to celebrate a wall that was knocked down and a country that was healed."

ICYMI: Lana Del Rey Is Actually A Cancer

"Y’all really think a Gemini wrote Ultraviolence??"

The Matildas Just Got An Anthem Dedicated To Them And It Is Totally A Bop

Feat. Nina Las Vegas, KLP, Kota Banks and Ninajirachi.

‘Self Care’ Is Ethical Clothing That Wants You To Love Yourself

“Engaging in a self-care practice teaches us to be strong in our power, and to honour our emotions. We learn that we are worthy to take up space.”

Ian Griffiths On Freshness, Empowerment, And Designing For Radical Women For Over 30 Years

"I see how our clothes make a woman feel good about herself, and that makes me feel good. And I carry on."

Chance The Rapper Puts His R. Kelly Comment Into Context

"Making a song with R. Kelly was a mistake."

Mac Miller’s Manager Writes Touching Tribute To The Late Musician

"In a world dominated by ego, he led with the soul."

Watch Miley Cyrus Perform On ‘SNL’ And Watch Twitter Sweat Over Her Magical Outfit

"Miley Cyrus' nipples are holding on that jacket the way my soul is holding onto my sanity."

Meet Three Russian Designers Who Featured Their Work At Fortochka In NYC

An ongoing series to prove Russian fashion is more than Gosha.

Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Beach Club’ Trailer Is Very Real

This is how you throw a party on Mykonos, bitch.

Liv Tyler Pens Beautiful Tribute To The Late Bernardo Bertolucci

"He ignited my 17 year old soul and has inspired me for a lifetime."

Drake Burnette Won The Cosmic Lottery — Meet Our Oyster #106 Cover Star

"Freedom is a state of mind, an abstract concept, an impossibility."

Get To Know Tkay, The Australian Rap Queen Who’s Putting In The Work

"The way your body feels about something is never a lie."

Tyler, The Creator And King Krule Talk Ambition, Insecurities And Ice Cream for Oyster #114

"Go and get a Golden Gaytime ice cream. It's the greatest ice cream ever, oh my god." - Tyler, the Creator

Get To Know Lauren Winzer, The Tattooist Making Cuteness Badass

"My main thing, in every aspect, is just to show people that you should do what’s honest to you."

P.A.M Want You To Take A Breather In Chill New ‘Exhale’ Collection

"Everyone has a fire inside them and oxygen fuels fire."

Get To Know Two Young And Smart Podcasters Who’re Recording Their Conversations About Russia

"For anyone who is listening to our podcast, we want to not only clarify these tension points — like Crimea or the inditement — we want to create a fuller image overall of Russian culture."

Kaya Wilkins on Modelling, Acting and Her Debut Album as Okay Kaya | Oyster #114

"I'm bouncing between taking the piss out of my own laughable rumination and focusing on the severity of it."

Wrap Sheet: Still Still Studio @ MBFWA Resort 19, Day 5

Feeling this Kate Bush / Stevie Knicks Sitch.

Wrap Sheet: Pereira Fitzgerald @ MBFWA Resort 19, Day 3

We are ready for Pereira Fitzgerald's modern Australian woman, and we wanna be her/be best friends with her.

Wrap Sheet: Double Rainbouu @ MBFWA Resort 19, Day 2

The naughty boys of MBFWA did not disappoint.

Wrap Sheet: Karla Špetić @ MBFWA Resort 19, Day 2

We will absolutely be recycling our bubblewrap as fashions next season.

Wrap Sheet: Lee Mathews @ MBFWA Resort 19, Day 2

It's defs not too early to call this a favourite for the week.

FKA Twigs Opens Up About Having Six Tumours Removed Last Year

"The nurse said that the weight and size was like being six months pregnant."

Photo Diary: MBFW Almaty Street Style, Back Stage And Full Nature

Meet the Kazakh designers, models and people who're doing the best stuff.

Keanu Reeves And Alex Winter Are Actually Coming Back For ‘Bill & Ted 3’

There's no release date as yet, but it's being shopped around at Cannes rn.

Beyoncé As The Holy Ghost At The Met Gala Red Carpet Is Just The Best

When you thought she didn't attend but also Beyoncé is everywhere.

Grimes And Elon Musk Are Dating And We Guess It Really Makes Sense

The internet, of course, has feelings about it.

Collection Survey: Crystaltania Jewellery Shot By Tasya Kudryk

The 100% charitable jewellery project by photog duo Synchrodogs.

Meet The Artist: Robert Tennent On Sexual Assault, Intimacy And His Book ‘Come Back To Bed’

Robert was unprotectedly sexually assaulted in 2017, and these photographs are a documentation of his return to intimacy.

Decoding Childish Gambino’s Incred ‘This Is America’ Prompts Important Conversations

As the internet decodes the messages within the video, some important conversations are happening.

The First Jacquemus Man Is Here And Ohhhh Man

Thicc courtesy of his day job as a French rugby union international footballer.

Martin Margiela Agrees To Be Part Of New Documentary

Due for a debut at Cannes later this month and a release in 2019.

FKA Twigs Goes Full Sci-Fi In ‘AVANTgarden’ Issue 3

Just like the issues before it, this one is really incredible.

Ariana Grande Teases V Romantic New Music

Hinting that her fourth studio album is on its way.

Opening Ceremony Made Glittery Birkenstocks For All The Casual Divas Out There

When you've got to buy organic at 7 and light up the room at 8.

Complete Angel Lorde Sewed A Jenny Holzer Poem To Her Grammys Dress

"Only dire circumstances can precipitate the overthrow of oppressors."

Dutch Police Are Allowed To Stop And Question Youths In Designer Clothing

Are you a law infringement because you've got 'FINE' written all over you.

ICYMI: Lindsay Lohan Is Designing An Island Called ‘Lohan Island’ Because 2018 Is Lol

Is also opening a nightclub because "It's actually really fun to watch other people look ridiculous."

Oyster Portfolio: Alexandra Marzella On Abuse, Trauma, Life And Love

"I'm sorry if it seems confusing or 'crazy'. I promise it's 'not'."

Ariana Papademetropoulos On Taking Fake Risks, Women Who Run And Real Weird Stuff

"People think I’m really into fantasy, but my favourite things are just true things that are bizarre and real."

Oprah 2020 Merch Exists So We’re Obv Buying It

You get a black female President, and you get a black female President!

Par Femme Talk Sexiness, Feeling Yourself And ‘The Woman’ As A Muse

"It can be about hanging out in bed on a Saturday morning, covered in toast crumbs, and being open to the idea of pleasure."

‘Transparent’ Actress Trace Lysette Accuses Costar Jeffrey Tambor Of Sexual Harassment

Trace has asked Amazon to "remove the problem and let the show go on."

Collection Survey: Nhu Duong SS18

"You are not what you are, but what you can be."

Louis C.K. Admits “These Stories Are True”

"At the time, I said to myself that what I did was O.K. because I never showed a woman my dick without asking first."

Miss Peru Contestants Recite Female Oppression Stats Instead Of Measurements

"My measurements are: 3,114 women victims of trafficking up until 2014."

Oyster Beauty: UglyWorldWide For Oyster #111

"I have my ugly days, I have my beautiful days, but it's all really one in the same, depending on who you are."

Beyoncé Ordering Food Instantly Becomes Sensational Meme

"I actually invented Lemonade so it should be free."