Grimes Teases an “Ethereal Chav Jam” and a “Cheesy Love Song” from New Record

Big mood.

Hot off her ‘Pynk’ feature, guest spot on K-Pop track ‘love4eva’ and Elon Musk collab, Grimes is here teasing new music from her upcoming record, which right now is a playlist called “! 13 decent tracks”.

The first she describes as an “ethereal chav jam,” which is a big mood, and goes on to say it’s like “a cyberpunk interpretation of the Bajirao Mastani movie.”

The second track is one that appears to be titled ‘adore u (beautiful game)’ and according to Grimes is as “cheesy love song…that i don’t like but everyone else likes.” We’re with everyone else on this — it’s dreamy and hypnotic and angelic.

The rest of the playlist is full of Grimes-related titles we’re frothing to hear: ‘Black Swan Blues’, ‘DARQ SOULS’, ‘Deth angels’, ‘So Heavy’, and ‘Blaze Forever’. True.

The record doesn’t have a release date yet, but it’ll be her first release sine Art Angels came out in 2015.

Image: @grimes