ICYMI: Lana Del Rey Is Actually A Cancer

“Y’all really think a Gemini wrote Ultraviolence??”

In a rare twist of fate, and in possible the most accurate Gemini mood, Lana Del Rey has revealed that she has actually been a Cancer this whole time. WHAT.

The disclosure came toward the end of last week, after a fan posted an alleged screenshot of a thread where LDR confirms she was born in NYC at 2:46am (on June 21, cusp of Gemini and Cancer).

“Lana Del Rey’s birth time has been confirmed and public knowledge for years I just forgot to look it up?” they wrote. “Anyway, confirmed Gemini.” And up until this point, while there’s a lot wrong in the world, this at least made sense.

Moments later LDR jumps in: “I’m actually a cancer I was born at 4:47 PM.” Noi!

Obviously everyone (Geminis) is very up in arms and totally thrown off course (making this about them). 

Image: @lanadelrey