Aliangé Have Collaborated With Lilah Summer To Create A Lush New Face Masque

True beauty.

You can thank Australian skincare label Aliangé for your internet being covered in hot babes with blue faces. Their probiotic masque became an instant hit upon release and not just because it makes you look like a Fantastic Planet extra — it’s made with nice stuff like macadamia oil, which absorbs and hydrates quickly; rose hip and evening primrose oils, which are anti-inflammatory and so calming; a pre/probiotic complex that makes your skin strong, smooth and radiant; plus other stuff that basically makes you young, soft and rich.

Now they’ve come through with a new masque, in collaboration with true beauty Lilah Summer. It’s built for sensitive skin and has ingredients that are natural, vegan, and paraben and cruelty free. Like everything they do. It’s super gentle in feel and smell (fragrance free!), and has healthy doses of evening primrose and balancing green tea.

They’re launching the masque this Friday with help from best Sydney salon Extra Silky. If you want to be the first to try/buy, DM @aliange for details.

Image: Aliangé