Björk Shares “Flute And Air Themed” Mix, Makes Us Forget The World Is Over

Blissing me.

Since sharing ‘The Gate’ and very recently sharing ‘Blissing Me’, two tracks off the forthcoming Utopia, Björk has temporarily healed the world by releasing a mix that is “Flute And Air Themed”. Thank you mother.

The mix also features a snippet of a third track called ‘Loss’ — just the flutey intro, really. And the rest of the mix includes champs like Kelela, Arca and Steve Reich.

“Here is a little set for you,” she wrote in a statement. “It is most definitely flute and air themed and perhaps reveals the sonic environment my ears were in last year. I thank all the musicians.”

Now hit play and forget the world is over for 47 minutes.

Photo: @bjork