Meet The Model: Fiona Tori Radszuhn Shot By Emon Toufanian

Angel of mine.

Name: Fiona Tori Radszuhn

Nickname: My dad used to call me Fio and a few friends have adapted that — mostly I just go by Fiona though.

Star sign: Aries

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I was born and raised in Berlin and am technically still based here, although I’ve spent maybe a total of three months here in the last year.

What do you like to do/hope to do outside of modelling?
I’ve been asking myself this question a lot as well lately haha. I kind of just randomly fell into modelling because I worked as a stylist in Paris, so I still do that partially. I really only want to work with people who I genuinely trust and believe in and that makes working as a stylist a lot more difficult. I also recently started painting again, which has been very therapeutic.

What inspires you most?
My Friends, who are more so my family than my actual family. I was really down last week and it happened to be my birthday, and I didn’t feel like celebrating at all but in the end it was a wonderful evening because once again I realised that I am surrounded by wonderful, strong and amazing people that all struggle and get back up again and that I am surrounded by love even though I cant always take it. Also my mother because she is incredibly strong and I am very proud of her.

Work-wise, music has always played a big part, especially photographs documenting the lives of some of my favourite Artists. There is this amazing book documenting rock n roll photography from the 1960-2000 which has been one of my favourite sources of inspiration over and over.

What songs or albums are soundtracking your life atm?
When I started answering these questions I was in Paris during fashion week, and I always listen to ‘Brothers’ by The Black Keys then — it’s sort of become a calming ritual. Other than that the Doors have accompanied me for a long time now.

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to you?
Most importantly to stay honest and true to myself and do only what I really enjoy 100%. Its cheesy but Life is short — everything else is not really worth it.

What celebrity or person from history do you have a crush on?
Easily Jim Morrison.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
Content with whatever it is I am doing.

What scares you most?
Being trapped in a situation either mentally or physically. And feeling helpless. I just recently had to spend a weekend in hospital and the thought of not being able to survive on my own deeply scares me.

Best piece of advice you ever received?
To celebrate life — to remain soft and open and accept love and to fight for what really matters to me.

What is a skill you wish you possessed?
Mind control, probably. Or time travel.

What fictional character to you most relate to, and why?
To be honest I didn’t relate to any fictional Character in a long time, but maybe I haven’t read the right books or seen the right movies yet?

Best YouTube clip you’ve ever seen?
A montage of weird Alex Turner interview snippets. Its kind of a guilty pleasure.

Photography: Emon Toufanian
Model: Fiona Tori Radszuhn