P.A.M Want You To Take A Breather In Chill New ‘Exhale’ Collection

“Everyone has a fire inside them and oxygen fuels fire.”

P.A.M’s fresh new FW18 collection for the girls requires very little exertion. Reminders to “breathe” and “exhale” drift across most of the collection, which is made of cool and comfy active fabrics, plus some snuggly stuff to offset the swish. Along with trackies and bombers, the collection is made whole with nicely detailed dresses and feminine puffs.

“Everyone has a fire inside them and oxygen fuels fire,” says P.A.M’s Shauna T of the need to stop and breathe. A message we’re particularly thankful for post #eclipseseason. To remind us to get back to business / keep it lit, the tailored suiting features small flame embroidery, while Raphael’s painting of the Three Graces is featured throughout as a symbol of cultural and social interaction (and bringing the party).

Tap through the collection above and hit your local IRL or online P.A.M to cop the collection as it drops rn. Then, remember to exhale.



Images: Courtesy P.A.M