P.A.M Looks For Answers, Lizard People And Chems In New Interactive ‘RE_SEARCH’ Collection


P.A.M, always gunning it, have just dropped a new collection in stores that will just about blow your noggin off. It features tech fabrics made for hiding and seeking, artist collabs, real interaction and an ode to lizard people and chems.

QR codes are stuck to garments and when scanned will take you to exclusive PAM mixes by DJ friends. Keeping things matesy, NYC artist (and friend of label) Josh Smith has leant his impressionist brush to a new camo print. It’s super cool. And they even chucked their mate’s post-club face into another print. Love!

“Chemicals abound, mind altering substances, with their associated REDDIT reviews, talk of alternate realities.” The press release says. “‘Better Living Through Research Chemicals’, alert us that there is something ‘better’ to strive for, the quest for a heightened state of mind and body.”

“RE_SEARCH means looking, and also finding,” they add. So if you’re looking for an excellent embroidered jacket, a knit with eyes or a tee with the graphic of a lifetime — hit perksandmini.com because the collection is dropping rn.

Images: Courtesy P.A.M
Photography: Piotr Neipsuj
Styling: Francesca Cefis
Models: Leo Soncio, Nino Pereira and Giulia