Collection Survey: NH(O)RM SS18 ‘Essentials’


Created by two women from Sweden, NH(O)RM are taking everything you know about Scando dressing and throwing the boring bits out the window. Sure, there are clean lines and high functionality, but the textiles are a mix of futuristic and nostalgic, and the details bring together the femininity of vintage with the coolness of sportswear. They’ve been producing super interesting pieces for a few seasons, but their SS18 ‘Essentials’ collection — which was recently presented in Paris — has got to be their best yet. To Celebrate it, we asked designers Mathilda Nilsson and Hanna Rudebeck to fill out our collection survey:

Name: NH(O)RM

Starsign: Taurus x 2

Spirt animal: Brown labrador

Where are you from and how has this place, or places you’ve travelled to, influenced your work?
We’re from Sweden, so the Scandinavian heritage of clean lines and function runs deep in us. However, maybe not in it’s original form – our work is a lot about using the already existing turning it into something else. Like sports wear and functional detailing becoming evening dresses and decoration in our designs.

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to you?
Be kind.

Can you tell me a little bit of background on yourself, how/when you started your label, and what you were doing before?
We met when studying together back in 2010 and soon decided to work together. Since then it has been a constant project, taking different shapes over time. Right now we’re focusing on unexplored parts of our business like sales and production.

What type of girl are you designing for?
Any age and type of somewhat fashion-conscious person really – our aesthetics combines the “classic elegant” with the quirky, all executed with a raw finish. It’s up to the wearer which part of the NH(O)RM character that is emphasised.

If the collection was a colour: Light blue

If it was a mood: Indecisive

If it was an animal: Porpoise

If it was a place: Maho Beach

If it was a time: 23:30

If it was a song: Despacito – Justin Bieber version

If it was a season: Scandinavian non-summer

If it was a food: Nicoise salad

If it was a famous person: Susan Sarandon

If it was a YouTube video:

If it was a smell: Cucumber

If it was a texture: like a sandy watermelon

If it was a film: The big blue

Photography: Lucas Frisk Bergqvist
Models: Lina, Elvira, Sharon, Farin, Lova and Tessie