Collection Survey: DAX

For your leisure.

Because fashion is literally the best thing ever, a new label has emerged out of Melbourne that consists of velour tracky dacks that are both good enough to die in on a Sunday morning, but also lush enough to look heaps hot in on your Tuesday morning ‘I’ve got my shit together this week’ pre-work coffee. Finally.

Created by our resident beauty expert Colette Miller, DAX (great name, it has not been lost on us), you can count on the imagery being as extra as she is irl — take a look above. To celebrate the launch of this crucial label, we asked Colette to fill out our collection survey…

If the collection was a colour: Red
If it was a mood: Post mental breakdown
If it was an animal: Scorpion
If it was a language: Broken English
If it was a place: The airport duty free shop
If it was a time: Early in the morning
If it was a song: A one hit wonder
If it was a season: Something mild, probably autumn
If it was a food: Unsweetened iced tea
If it was a famous person: Disgraced reality TV star
If it was a YouTube video: Fabio being hit in face with goose, while riding rollercoaster

If it was a smell: Knock-off designer fragrance
If it was a texture: Silky
If it was a quote: Crawling on the floor is hard, on your knees. But you can make a really great entrance that way.
If it was a film: Piranha 3DD

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