Ariana Grande Wears Crocs With Socks And Now We Do Too

Thank you, yes.

We know, We know. We have rejoiced the death of Crocs and mourned their fashion reincarnation countless times. But, when Ari says ‘jump’, we say ‘how high?’ Etc etc. So, when the ponytailed legend posted a fit pic wherein her statement accessory was not just an LV crossbody but also a pair of crispy white Crocs with cute little rolled down sock, you best believe we added to cart.

Paired with an oversized hoodie, Ari’s outfit is elevated with exaggerated winged eyeliner and a perfectly primed ponytail that very intentionally informs everyone around her that this is, in fact, a look. We mean, could a Givenchy spokesperson even give bad style inspo?

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wanderin n wonderin 🍂

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baby platypus

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