Agent Provocateur Founder Launches Super Chill Gender Fluid Lingerie Line

Go with the flow.

Serena Rees is best known for her naughty girl style over at Agent Provocateur. She established the biz in 1994 and sold it off in 2007 — giving her some space to recognise what knickers people want to wear now.

She’s created Les Girls Les Boys, which is kinda lingerie and kinda streetwear, with prices way more chill than AP ($25-$143). Its main drive is to stay away from gender norms. Yes!

“The last decade has seen the rise of totally unobtainable and hypersexualised body images, particularly for women, fuelled by the era of internet, social media and plastic surgery,” Serena told The New York Times. “It is wrong and it is worrying because it makes people so unhappy and insecure. In a weird way, I feel a little responsible for it.”

The collection drops September 1 (tomorrow!), and will be available at

1 DAY TO GO #lesgirlslesboys LAUNCH 01.09.17 Sign up at to be first to shop our collection

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