ICYMI: Lindsay Lohan Is Designing An Island Called ‘Lohan Island’ Because 2018 Is Lol

Is also opening a nightclub because “It’s actually really fun to watch other people look ridiculous.”

If Lindsay Lohan can manufacture her very own Euro accent, there’s no reason she can’t design her own island. We guess. News of this new venture comes in a recent interview with Wendy Williams.

“I’m discussing designing an island in Dubai,” she says. “I have a lot of little projects there because I like to keep busy. So, when I’m finished filming [British sitcom] Sick Note I can go back to Dubai, start the lipstick, discuss that and then design this island — Lohan Island.” Huge.

She jokes that she’s “out-Trumping Trump with the name Lohan!” but we do hope she doesn’t run for presidency. Maybe.

She talks about opening a nightclub in Mykonos (she already has one in Athens), saying “I feel like I’ve been to enough, so I should have my own.” Ok. And when Williams suggested it might be the worst place in the world for someone trying to get clean, Lohan responded accordingly with: “No. It’s actually really fun to watch other people look ridiculous.” You do you, LiLo.

Image: Instagram