Janelle Monáe Dances For Her Life In Zoë Kravitz Collab ‘Screwed’ [Watch]

Everything is sexy.

Waking up wasted on a rooftop with an ominous drone overhead is not a mood, but somehow Janelle Monáe turns it into one. After a casual spew, Monáe and her very well-dressed crew leg it into a building to dance for their lives in the visuals for ‘Screwed’ — a sonically upbeat (lyrically devo) cut, featuring Zoë Kravitz, from her most recent album.

Inside the building — a ravey 80s squat that feels like the backdrop or a Beastie Boys / Michael Jackson / early Madonna clip — screens project the world around them crumbling, and they use a trumpet to film each other kissing. It’s a real dgaf moment until men in black helmets with red eyes start plotting to capture them. Watch it below:

Image: YouTube