Harry Styles Got A ‘Fine Line’ Manicure And Now We Want A ‘Fine Line’ Manicure

Mani styles.

Harry Styles, fashion icon and musician, is now officially an authority on beauty. Celebrating the release of his new album on Friday, Harry performed a bunch of new tunes for the first time in LA. He wore a pink shirt, nice, white high-waisted trousers, different, and dedicated Fine Line nail art, unuuuusual.

The nail look, created by Britney Tokyo, who has painted the talons of Beyoncé, is a tidy dedication not just to the new record but to each song on it — detailed by little fruits and flowers that reference the tracklist. It is also now something we desperately wish to have.

Also, a note, incase you thought he was a poser, Harry has actually been down with nail art since at least 2014.

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They're not mine.

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