BOSS Looks To California For A Chill Surfer Vibe And Pretty Much Nails It


BOSS rolled out a mens and womenswear SS19 collection at NYFW over the weekend, which found it’s inspo in coastal Californian towns and dressing for watching the waves. You can practically smell the salt spray and Reef oil just watching the show.

In a very chill palette, we see a full range of sunset over liquid horizon — blush and pale blue, yellow and orange, getting darker, burgundy and navy, darker still, black. And crisp whites to top it off. Accessories deserve an honourable mention here, too. Sandals were so on the money — a tricky thing to do in the mens department, right? — shades and bags and belts also brilliantly edited.

Tailoring was clean and easy, textures were soft, sheer, and weightless. The kind of garb you’d wear opening the balcony door of your beach front, but which also somehow translates into metropolitan life pretty swiftly.