Nike x A-COLD-WALL* Embraces Ageing Garments And Personal Patinas

Worn in.

Looking at the way objects, in particular garments, change and personalise with use over time, Samuel Ross has creating something really spesh for the Nike x A–COLD–WALL* Capsule Collection. A reworking of the 2010 Nike Zoom Vomero +5 is front and centre, this time with some new tricks.

“I am interested in how a garment ages and in taking the user on that journey. That is something I believe should be encouraged. It’s much more human. It’s much more dynamic as well,” Samuel says. And it’s a nice sentiment — why do we have to have the freshest garb all the time? Why not embrace worn in old faithfuls, our personal patinas, our lack of consumerist nature and therefore our punkness?

Beyond the sentiment are brilliant uses of tech fabrics. Constructed from a Japanese nylon that softens with warmth and heat, the kicks become truely yours the moment you live in them. Plus, the removal of PU coatings accelerate an ageing process which is manifested in an individual yellowing.

“With the garments that we produce with Nike, there is this element of sophistication weaved through the simplistic shapes, which have these small details,” Samuel says. “Those details come down to the use of things, like Japanese nylon on the Parka, something that is initially coarse but with wear actually soften.”

Samuel also dips his outwear skills into a pair of trousers, which pair really well with the Vomero. “Cropping the pant and adding this tension around the back of the knee joint really gives it a very stark and staunch and hostile feel,” he says.

The Nike x A–COLD–WALL* Capsule Collection launches November 17 exclusively in London. A global release follows November 29.

Image: Nike