Channing Tatum Discovers Astrology And Normalises Therapy In One Magical Moment

Very good.

Over the weekend, a very real thing happened: Channing Tatum discovered astrology and freaked tf out about it via Instagram Live then Twitter, only to interrupt himself to quickly normalise therapy. Very good.

On the topic of astrology app The Pattern, your guy Channing let loose: “I don’t know if I’m late to this or if I’m early to this, but what is this Pattern shit? It’s an app, I just downloaded it. It asked me to put in my birthdate and time of birth — by the way, how are you supposed to know your time of birth?” Very good question, but also how do you not know your time of birth in 2019 when the only form of relating we have is birth chart memes?

“How do you know what you know about me Pattern?” He goes on, asking Pattern to DM him. “I was just in therapy yesterday. Yeah, I’m in therapy, whatever, everybody should be in therapy. And I just get a notification on my phone this morning,” then he makes the notification *beowip* which is excellent. “Pops up, and, using the exact words we were using in therapy… Is the phone listening? Are you listening through the phone, Pattern? And just regurgitating stuff that I’m afraid of?”

It’s a very real freak out, but what’s so cool about it is — really — his openness about therapy. And everyone is feeling it.

Image: Tumblr