Photo Diary: MBFW Almaty Street Style, Back Stage And Full Nature

Meet the Kazakh designers, models and people who’re doing the best stuff.

In the foothills of the Trans-Ili Alatau mountains sits a city called Almaty — Kazakhstan’s largest city and the home to a fairly young Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week that just celebrated it’s fifth year. Oyster had the great privilege of tagging along  and getting to know the local designers as well as our much-loved, once Australian-based, now China-based, Ffixxed Studios. Thank you to the MBFWA founders and owners and doers Zhanel Bertayeva, Dana Kaip, Yan Ray and Aya Tazabek!

Designers from Almaty that caught our eye were —

Crowd fave Zherebtsov, who opened the show with an incense ceremony and blinking images of street style from all over Asia, followed up with cool chaotic looks to match; Kamila Moor who went so lady-like with air-puffed sleeves, but also tested that cool unease you see in 90s Miu Miu with unconventional fabric pairings, embellishments and styling tricks like half-blazers as belts; Aisho’s vintage-y power women who wore big shoulders, little waists and tough femininity; and of course Maria Sariyeva, who just knocked it outta the park with scrunchy belts, bright knits, silky layers and headpieces that were beyond our wildest dreams.

Photos: Hayley Morgan
Thanks to Zhanel Bertayeva – General Director and Co-founder MBFW Almaty Founder and Kazakhstan fashion institute Founder, Dana Kaip  – Development Director, Yan Ray – Art Director, Aya Tazabek – International Ambassador MBFW Almaty