The Lane Crawford Creative Call Out Is Finally Coming To Australia

Applications are open!

If you’re in Australia and making incredible fashions, or even just working within the industry, you defs have to get an application in to the Lane Crawford Creative Call Out. LC is Greater China’s iconic luxury store, who’ve launched 50 brands and 45 creative projects in the last four years, and it’s buying and creative teams want to see what you’ve got and help you do it bigger.

The buying team are travelling to Sydney in May to meet designers who aren’t showing their work in the traditional way, to meet them face to face. As well as the physical event, Lane Crawford has launched a digital platform for talented humans to submit and share their work.

Designers who manage to catch the LC eyes will get pro support and advice and the opportunity to stock their collections at Lane Crawford — in irl stores and online!

Lane Crawford are also looking out for photographers, graphic designers, multimedia artists, writers, stylists and other clever people. You can read all the fine print and gets some questions answered over here.

And don’t forget to apply here.