FYI Millennials Are The Biggest Nigels On Earth


So aside from avocados on toast, we — millennials — have nothing. No houses, no sex, no children, and now reports tell us that we have no friends. We are officially the biggest Nigels to have graced this over-populated Earth.

According to a study by YouGov, 30 percent of millennials say that they always (or often) feel lonely — this is a higher percentage than generation X and the baby boomers, who came in at 20 and 15 per cent respectively. What’s more heartbreaking is that of the 1,254 participants, a quarter said that they have no acquaintances or friends, and half said they had no more than four close friends. Devvo.

the study didn’t dive very deep into the whys of millennial loneliness, but most said it was shyness that stopped them from making friends — still 27 per cent said they felt like they just didn’t need ’em.

Of course we look to social media and our big bad addictions to the internet as a cause for this but, while this certainly contributes to our loneliness, it has been reported that it is not the sole cause. Our thoughts? Probs has something to do with the way all governments everywhere are setting the world on fire.

Image: Tumblr