Ffixxed Studios SS19 Makes Us Want To Chill Out, But Not Too Much

Corporate meditation.

While consistently delivering pure aesthetics and quite contemporary everyday wears, Ffixxed Studios never take themselves too seriously. Thank god. While admiring their crisp shirting, perfectly pleated pants and smart silhouettes, all always packaged in aspirational sets with gently kooky styling, it’s important to also look for the humour.

For SS19, the label’s unisex collection was inspired by lifestyle retreated in GOA and corporate meditation classes (lol) and looked at “pseudo new age lifestyles” and “DIY spirituality”. But, before you take a break from @notallgeminis and @astromemequeen to feel personally attacked, remember that this collection is absolutely designed for you.

With phrases like “spiritual free-styling” and “off-kilter ambience” being thrown around with mixed fabrications and prints, as well as mixed ways of dressing (casual vs structured), we’re finding it all very relatable and very wearable โ€” especially their woven rug items, which have been produced sustainably with excess fabrics in a very un-pseudo way.

Sit back, relax, and watch their presentation video below.

Images: @ffixxed_studios


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