Um You Can Now Buy ‘Broad City’ Sex Toys Because The World Is Actually Great

Pegga! Pegga-sus!

Let’s face it, your TV world / laying in bed with a laptop full of snack crumbs is already ruled by Broad City. So why not extend that gesture to your sex life. How? I hear you scream. Easy. Broad City now has it’s own line of sex toys.
How can you go past items like a ‘Yas Queen Bullet’ or a ‘Respect Your Dick Ring’? Ok, maybe you’re more of a ‘Tuesday 7am Classic Vibrator’ or a ‘Boss Bitch G-Spot Vibe’. Orrrrrr… ‘Pegasus Pegging Kit’ anyone??
Get ’em here while they’re hot. And Watch the trailer for the new season below.
Photo: Tumblr