Oyster Premiere: Black Fryar’s Debut ‘Falar’ Is Smooth, Dark And Very Now [Watch]

Reality trip.

In what is a perfect meeting of the minds, native Berlin producers DJ Creep and Shaid have linked up with the Brooklyn-born rapper Stimulus to make music collectively as Black Fryar. The results are immaculate.

Their debut track ‘Falar’ is smooth and dark, with quick references to our current chaos. Circling the zeitgeist is their stake, so we hear spats of America from 911 to Trump, internet unease and looking to a future. Behind the lyrics we get a beat that snaps and rolls with some chill choral sounds. On top of it all, a real reality trip clip — that faded neon light Blade Runner lighting, motorcycles, crispy dead bees, wet skin —  created by a c t e and co-directed by Frangipani Beatt.

It’s out on Live From Earth right now, Watch below: