Backstage Beauty: Lou Dallas Does A Soft Grunge Eye Thing And We’re Doing It This Weekend

*furiously covers eye bags in shimmer*

Lou Dallas, perhaps the freshest brand in New York rn, showed at NYFW this week. The show notes speak of Lou’s destiny this season (fyi Lou is a being dreamed up by label-creator Raffaella Hanley).

“A storm is gathering and washing a strange tide ashore,” it reads. “Bows and sequins bob in the surf. In the ribbons of foam and the fury, Lou loses sight of shore. The depths are dark but there is something like hope glimmering in the distance. Lou holds her breath and dives deeper.” Pure fantasy!

Created by Allie Smith, the beauty look was a fav for us. Oceanic pastels circled the eyes in ways we hazily dream of on Sunday mornings. Hair was dampened and pulled back with a few romantic stray curls, also in our dreams, lips and cheeks left natch and nude. Tap through the gallery above to get a good look at what we’re talking about.

The collection was strong and weird — dipped in the dress-up box — with cuts and DIY mods that work in interesting ways on real bodies, and complicated tailoring of delicate fabrics which provided a sophistication or delicateness to harsher, punkier DIY outputs. Is this soft grunge? IDK but we’re here for it.

Photography: Zhamak Fullad
Direction: Colette Miller