Cynthia Nixon and @everyoutfitonsatc Celebrate SATC 20th Anniversary With Fresh Miranda Merch

We should all be Mirandas.

Woah, Sex and the City is 20 years old and can you believe it? Probably, yes. In honour of this very fashionable, very dynamic birthday, hot insta account @everyoutfitonsatc and your fav star Cynthia Nixon have released some fresh merch.

The garb ties in with Nixon’s run for Governor of New York, and features your fave ‘I’m a Miranda’ slogan with a twist that encourages the best vote. Because, as they say right there in the shop, “We Should All Be Mirandas… who vote for Cynthia.”

Head here to cop. And stick around for a refresh on Miranda’s reliability:

And perhaps the most relatable:

Image and gifs: Tumblr