Oyster Premiere: Anything Goes On Hearteyes’ New Mixtape


Sydney sweetheart Hearteyes, aka George Michelle, aka purveyor of melodic 90s house/contemporary pop and procurer of emotions, has given us exclu$$$ive first access to a brand new mixtape called Joyride The Stars. And let us just tell you something: it is by far better travelled and better at expressing itself than we are.

Put together between the years of 2015 and and 2019, the tracks were produced between Sydney, Los Angeles and Berlin. Traversing so much time and space and vibe (seriously this thing spans all the sexy joys of Passion Pop-soaked dance floor hits as well as all the desperate joys of MySpace sad tunes), it makes perfect sense when George tells us, “I wanted to embrace that beauty of anything goes.”

Left: Vetements from KOT-J jacket, Jordan Dalah t-shirt, Louis Vuitton pants, Prada shoes, Gucci suspenders, Stylist's own belts. Right: Jordan Dalah jacket, Prada shirt, Vetements from KOT-J dress, Balenciaga from KOT-J pants, Gucci shoes, Libidex gloves
Left: Gucci jacket, Jordan Dalah t-shirt, Prada pants and shoes, stylist's own gloves. Right: Jordan Dalah jacket, Prada shirt, Vetements from KOT-J dress, Balenciaga from KOT-J pants, Gucci shoes, Libidex gloves

“We are reliving a true renaissance of creative freedom and I’m privileged to work with such talented people that can help bring that idea to life.,” George tells us. “I wanted to spoon-feed taboo themes such as suicide, addiction, psychosis – things I’ve struggled with over the past 5 years – in the most palatable way possible.

I can’t be upfront about it, but it’s as close as I’m going to get and it feels good to finally air it out to the world. This tape really is just catharsis.”

Gucci shirt, jacket, pants and shoes, Jordan Dalah cape, JPALM choker
Moncler Genius Craig Green jacket and pants, Prada shoes

Listen to Hearteyes Joyride The Stars below, and prepare to 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

Gucci shirt and suspenders, Jordan Dalah t-shirt, Prada pants, stylist's own gloves and belts

Photography: Dakota GordonΒ 
Fashion and Art Direction: Kurt Johnson


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