Instagram Now Lets You Mute Everyone You Want To (But Can’t) Unfollow

Finally does something right for once.

Hey, we’re all following at least 100 people who post stuff that makes us want to throw our phones into a fire (but for some social reason are not allowed to unfollow). Now, finally, there’s a solution to blocking out all their bs that doesn’t involve flames.

Instagram, who’ve been key in making bad decisions for everyone for the past however long, have introduced the ‘mute’ button. No more weird bikini pics from your brother’s girlfriend, no more inspirational quotes from Megan who sits next to you at work, and (maybe) no more feeling shit about yourself because of that rich friend who gets everything.

How to do it? Click the three dots next to their name and choose to mute posts, stories, or everything all at once. You’ll still be able to cruise their shit at your undignified leisure, and they’ll never know the dif.