Ioannes SS19 Bestows Soft Nostalgia, Skilful Tradition And A Woman We Want To Be


When we first introduced Johannes Broehl Cronau and his label, Ioannes, we were ready to be swathed in handsome knits, complex outerwear and his signature puffy glove. Come SS19, the most recent collection which showed in Paris last month, and it is less about outerwear and much more about semi-sheer ribbing in the form of soft bras and cycling shorts — working wonderfully with the firmness of utility belts — and hats that will be a dream for anyone who once wished they were Blossom. Thankfully, those gloves are back!

A female wanderer has set off this collection, and it shows. While there’s a soft nostalgia to her, evident in lighter weight fabrics and washed florals, there’s also a strong resourcefulness in the translated carpenters’ uniforms and sharp tailoring. She’s the kind of girl we see sitting in the grass, sipping things beneath her crumbled full-brim hat, puffy gloves covering hands that work hard.

Titled ‘Walz’, after the German tradition that allows a time of travel at the end of a craftsman’s apprenticeship, it’s really quite fitting. Johannes’ work up until now has been a time for cultivating skill and inspiration; his ideas and execution are now finessed, and the Ioannes woman has relaxed into herself. Tap through the look book above to meet her.

Images: Ronald Rose, courtesy Ioannes and Reference Studios