Collection Survey: SUKU Home ‘Wide Open Road’

Club bed.

If you haven’t heard of SUKU Home, you’ve been sleeping under a rock in really devo/uncomfortable pyjamas. But, now that you’ve clocked them, things are about to change. They make comfy bamboo rayon and linen leisurewear and bedding, hand dyed with traditional Balinese techniques. Their new collection ‘Wide Open Road’ brings flowy dresses, jumpsuits that you’ll want to stay in for at least 4 days straight, and lots of other really nice pieces. To celebrate the new stuff, we asked Chrissy to fill out our big bad collection survey:


If the collection was a colour: Yellow

If it was a mood: Blissful

If it was an animal: Bumblebee

If it was a language: The language of flower – it’ll be easier for all of us to understand!

If it was a place: On the road

If it was a time: Midday

If it was a song: Time of the Season – The Zombie

If it was a season: Summer!

If it was a food: Chips! Can it be a drink? Haha we drank tumeric latte every night when we shot this campaign – thanks to Charlie Brophy!

If it was a famous person: Anthony Bourdain

If it was a YouTube video:


If it was a smell: Cinnamon

If it was a texture: SUKU’s new soft linen’s texture from our summer travel essentials!

If it was a quote: “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin

If it was a film: Little Miss Sunshine, 2006

Photos: Courtesy