Emma Mulholland Launches Hot New ‘Holiday’ Label And Zine

Take me away.

Emma Mulholland, aka Australia’s queen of sunny holiday fashions, has just made the excellent decision to venture into a new line. It’s called Holiday and its focus is cute and fun slogan tees, a little bit of denim, and trousers that let everyone know that you’re having more fun than them. Onya Em!
For the launch of Holiday, Emma produced a zine with a bunch of smart photographers, stylists and models (check some pics from it above!), and threw a party about it during MBFWA. To celebrate all of that, we asked Emma to answer a few pressing questions:
If it was a colour: Yellow
If it was a mood: Happy
If it was an animal: Turtle
If it was a language: Spanish
If it was a place: Kokomo
If it was a time: 1979
If it was a song: Club Tropicana by Wham
If it was a season: Summer
If it was a food: Double Double from In-N-Out
If it was a famous person: River Phoenix
If it was a YouTube video: 
If it was a smell: The Beach by Calvin Klein
If it was a texture: Grass
If it was a quote: “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere…”
If it was a film: Fast Times at Ridgemont High

Photos: Courtesy