Azealia Banks Details Physical Abuse By Music Manager Dave Holmes


Azealia Banks has posted to instagram, detailing incidents of horrible physical abuse by music manager (Coldplay, Interpol, Santigold, My Chemical Romance) Dave Holmes.

She writes in third person of her self: “When she was 18 years old and still signed with XL recordings she was introduced to a man named Dave.”

“He was at the time a very handsome,” she continues. “Very charming man who she admired intensely. He was 43, rich , white and very fatherly to her. Dating him made her feel like Naomi Campbell! He was married at the time but told her he was separated- something She didn’t care about as She was so happy to have him in her life. Her father died when She was three years old and She was raised by a single mother and her older sister. This was the first time she’d ever been in love.”

She then briefly details the end of the relationship: “When she is dropped from XL recordings, he breaks up with her and abruptly stops paying the rent on the apartment he had been renting for her . She haphazardly moves out of her apartment on Dyckman Street and heads to Montreal where She spends a lonely, depressed summer.”

And Dave’s eventual return: “Upon the success of 212 , Dave reappears in her life. She’s happy to have him back as she considers him her Dad and felt close to him like family. On the night before the 1991 video, the couple get into a heated argument about $2,000 she’d borrowed from him two weeks earlier.”

At this point, things become physical: “She grabs hold of his fancy espresso machine and pushes it on the floor, which prompts him to put her in a choking headlock. The fight gets nasty, with her throwing rocks through glass windows and him dragging her by her hair and throwing her into a freezing cold shower. During the headlock she cuts the inside of her lip on her teeth and begins to spit blood. Her friend comes to pick her up and take her home where she cries for hours and doesn’t sleep a wink. Her world was shattered. She had plans to marry this man. She imagined the entire rest of her life with him and could never have seen this coming.”

Azealia continues: “She gets to set the next morning tired , confused and emotionally drained . Her hairstylist Brianna meets her with a beaming smile and is excited to tell her about all of the fly outfits the stylist pulled. She turns to Brianna and says ‘Dave hit me last night’ … Brianna gasps… the new rising star begins to cry , yet somehow is able to hold it together enough to get her make-up done.”

According to BET, Azealia has spoken briefly of abuse by Dave — tweeting on Christmas Day in 2012 “Coldplay’s manager Dave Holmes is a piece of s—. Second time he has put his f—-ing hands on me” and later deleting it.

Image: @azealiabanks