Collection Survey: P.A.M ‘Magma’

Red hot.

It is no secret that we are forever frothing new stuff from P.A.M. This season is no different. In a red hot women’s AW17 campaign, happy neons, swishy nylons and harlequin stripes serve one purpose: tuning out and tapping in.

Two slogans rip through the collection. “VIDEO” references Katia and Maurice Krafft — husband and wife, Volcanologists, and pioneers in filming and documenting their studies of erupting earth. “CULTURE VS NATURE” comes direct from a 1976 issue of File Magazine: ” Culture / see what you like. Nature / love what you see.”

“Perhaps it’s time to skip the visit to the museum and spend the day in nature instead,” the press release suggests. “In the same way it’s time to stop watching the news and start enjoying your life.” And with the flick of a reflective bomber, we might just do that. But first, we hear from Shauna via our collection survey:

If the collection was a colour: Lava
If it was a mood: Triggered
If it was an animal: Charmander
If it was a language: More physical than verbal
If it was a place: Neptune in a diamond shower
If it was a time: 2020
If it was a song: The Seawolf / Underground Resistance
If it was a season: Summer
If it was a food: Volcanic Chicken
If it was a famous person: Vali Myers
If it was a YouTube video:

Photography: Lukas Gansterer
Fashion: Shauna Toohey
Model: Novaé Lita