Mary-Kate And Ashley Gave Out Healing Crystals At NYFW Because Boho


I write this headline as if I don’t have a couple of significant stones scattered around my apartment — it’s not like I’m Shannon Beador from Real Housewives, who has them sewn into the very fabric of her home, or anything — but join me in cackling just a little bit about this absolute transcendence of Boheme.

Apparently guests attending The Row’s NYFW show received little black bags that contained a note and either a black or white crystal. The black tourmaline crystals were to “repel and block negative energies, reducing fear and increasing focus.” While the white quarts crystals were for :universal harmony and balancing physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual planes.” And, just incase the Birks and socks attendees had never, you know, bathed their crystals under a new moon before, the notes also explained that you need to clean your crystals by covering and soaking in salt water for 24 hours.

Honestly, the visual of Anna Wintour engaging in some white middle-class woman crystal healing is just too much.