Oh No, Lindsay Lohan Questioned Kim Kardashian’s Braids On Instagram And Kim Brought Tea

“You know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent.”

ICYM Kim Kardashian posted a series of photos celebrating her body and her new hairstyle. While her body – and the way she chooses to embrace it — is usually the thing that sparks comments on the internet, this time her hair was the centre of criticism.


To put it simply, Kim got corn rows. She has called them “Bo Derek” braids. Many people chimed in with cultural appropriation accusations. Lindsay Lohan, too, had questions. Or, at least, she said she was “confused.”

Of course, Kim came through with some tea of her own. And it’s piping: “You know what’s confusing… your sudden foreign accent.” Oowwweeee!

I mean…

Hi, can I get zero fucks please, thanks

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Photo: Instagram


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