Jeremy Scott Makes All Your Mallrat Dreams Come True, Collabs With Uggs

Cc: Marissa Cooper.

Fashion provocateur and nostalgia crutch Jeremy Scott has announcced a very exciting collaboration. It’s with Uggs, and mallrat you is so keen right now.
Combining the personal brand of fashion icons such as Marissa Cooper, dudes who drink Mother for breakfast, Dolly Parton and Tupac, Jeremy has created some distinct styles: flames, sequin/jewel embellished, and a pair that says ‘ugg life’ on it. In total, there will be eight styles, and they’ll be priced from $90 to $1,195. Can you even imagine owning a pair of Uggs that cost a G?
“I was an undercover Ugg fan. They are so cozy and I love the way they look with pants and shorts,” Jeremy says of the collab. “It’s not known for men to wear them so much here even though they are surfer-dude footwear. After trying them on in Waikiki a couple years back, I found myself in the store at The Grove and I was like, ‘I’m going to do this. I don’t care what people say.'” You do you, babe.
The Uggs will be available September 13.

Photos and GIF: Tumblr, Jeremy Scott