Stoner Sweetheart And ‘Florida Project’ Star Bria Vinaite Opened Ashley Williams

Taking it higher.

Bria Vinaite, who was making weed leaf bikinis and cute vids for insta until Sean Baker saw her on his ‘discover’ page and slid into her DMs, might be best known for her beautiful showcase of talent in The Florida Project. Since then she has been shooting high, and this weekend she put another trophy on the shelf: she opened the goddamn show for Ashley Williams!

Showcasing her usual punky girl brilliance, the Ashley Williams show featured clashing colours, prints, silhouettes and slogans — Bria’s read “retired and loving it,” which is a message detailed in the show notes: “I’ve got new rules; I count ’em. Relax. Retire. Be happy. Be your best self. Be bold. Be brilliant. Be becoming. Be beautiful. Be brave. Be inspired. Be inspiring. Listen to your heart. Love. Be loved. Aim for the stars. Aim for the gutter. Destroy Horcruxes. Listen to Danzig. Try to walk in heels. Be Vegan (ish). Make your parents proud. Make your parents ashamed. Try something new. Dye your hair. Dye your cares. Be kind. Question everything. Question it again. And whatever you do… Be yourself. Because you are amazing.”

The notes also say: “Some of us fall by the wayside whilst some of us soar to the stars,” and this makes us think of Bria so much. Go lil star!