Anja Konstantinova Stars In The New Holiday Campaign And We Already Feel Rejuvenated

It would be so nice!

Australian label for those who desire a life of sartorial leisure — also known as Emma Mulholland’s Holiday — has just released a new collection that is so, so nice.

The collection features moo cow prints that would be perfect cruising that mid-north coast farmland looking for dank patches of mushrooms; pants made from picnic blankets; romantic python dresses; a slime rework of the season’s fave zebra mood; a red and black skirt that has huge Emily the Strange energy; and slogan shirts that riff off Madonna and various other good times.

The campaign imagery, shot by Oyster fave Ellen Virgona and featuring the always refreshing beauty Anja Konstantinova, is so clean, calm and easy-breezy that it practically feels like a day off. Enjoy!

Photography: Ellen Virgona
Fashion: Alexis Aquino
Beauty: Gavin Anesbury
Model: Anja Konstantinova