Chilling With Ron-Ron, Shoreline Mafia And 03 Greedo Before Their Big Red Bull Music Blow Out

Whole crew here.

Back in June, Red Bull Music Presents ran a huge lineup featuring the guys who’re in charge of LA’s thumping underground rap scene. Called ‘Ron-Ron & Friends’, the whole thing worked around 21-year-old Ron-Ron and featured a bunch of his mates including Shoreline Mafia, Cypress Moreno, R Baron Group and 03 Greedo — who’d play his last show before going to prison for 20 years.

On the ground, photographer Aidan Cullen (who’s recently been shooting A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty, Shlohmo, Omar Apollo and the likes) spend some time documenting the guys before the big do.

“Everyone was really excited to all be in the same place. Everyone was super excited about the show, especially Ron-Ron because it was his birthday as well.”

They met at a mini mall in Hollywood near Greedo’s studio session, Aidan found a castle-looking apartment and the guys goofed off in front of it.

“It was really cool being able to shoot with Greedo a week before he got locked up for a big portion of his life,” Aidan says. “That is just such a crazy headspace to be in. For as unfortunate as the situation was, Greedo was still super nice and willing to take whatever shots we needed. Respect to Greedo for doing this even though he only had a week left in the outside world

Photos: Aidan Cullen