The Gucci Décor Range Just Got Bigger, Better, Shut Up And Take Our Money

I want it allllll!

Obviously it is completely insane to skip on your rent in order to buy one homeware, but here we are: looking at Gucci’s expanding décor collection and feeling very tempted to risk eviction.

The pieces — chairs, serving trays, cushions, jugs, candles, armchairs, flipping ornamental folding screens (!!!) — look ready to march themselves down a Gucci catwalk/straight in to our abodes tbh. They feature all of the house’s recognisable motifs and display an appreciation for the artisanal skills of Italian makers by way of needlepoint and vases with snake handles that take 5 hours to make!

Might we just add that there is also wallpaper? There is, and it is terrific.

You can shop the collection right now, or just play games with your heart via Gucci’s app which has some augmented reality technology that lets you pop your favourite pieces in your space in real time.

Tap the gallery above to take a look at Alex Merry’s illustrations of the collection, and the beautiful worlds in which we want to live in rn.

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Images: Courtesy Gucci