Oprah 2020 Merch Exists So We’re Obv Buying It

You get a black female President, and you get a black female President!

ICYMI Oprah Winfrey gave an acceptance speech at the Golden Globes after receiving the Cecil B. DeMille award and people were shook. She took down Hollywood and the power-hungry, predatory d-bags that inhabit it, and then everyone decided that she should run for President in 2020.


Talk of her eventually running has been circulating for years. I mean, after all, the only thing more Merica than Trump as Pres would be Oprah as Pres. And we’re down!

So down, in fact, that when we found out someone made some Oprah 2020 merch — Bernlenciaga vibes of course — we decided it would only be correct to spend at least a portion of our rent money on it.

If you wanna, you can cop here.