Dream Art Woman Kiri-Una Brito Meumann Walks Us Through Gucci’s ‘The Artist Is Present’

Express yourself.

Last week in Shanghai, Gucci opened their incredible multi-room exhibition ‘The Artist Is Present’. Curated by master mind Maurizio Cattelan, each room is a brain bender and invites a critical eye to be cast on the criticism surrounding copying, appropriation and inspiration — either pulling apart the three or pushing them together, it isn’t so clear. And that’s sometimes the point.

We were lucky enough to walk through the exhibition with one of our favourite artists, Kiri-Una Brito Meumann. As we tripped through the work of more than thirty artists, we discussed the importance of originality and intention, and really got stuck into the foundations of concept.

‘The Artist Is Present’ is open until December 16 at Yuz Museum in Shanghai.

Video and music: Rohan Bell-Towers
Camera and interview: Hayley Morgan