Social Snaps: Dream Girl Sita Abellan Launches Lilith Jewellery Collection


Ur insta crush since forever, Sita Abellan, launched her Lilith jewellery collection last week. It’s both beautiful to look at and think about โ€” and that’s because of the story behind it.

“She takes her infamous signifier of a snake to explore the meaningful inner connection which attributes to the legend of Lilith [the first wife of Adam who existed before Eve] as a figure of the struggle against patriarchy,” the press release says. “Sita’s intention laid in the creation of quotidian jewellery and not necessarily a line of solely luxury items.” We like it!

The collection itself features handmade rings, earrings, necklaces and โ€” our favourite โ€” hair pins. You can pick them out in the gallery above, taken at the launch of the collection at Hotel Bourbon in Paris, and we’ll be back to report the details of the first release date asap.

Images: Courtesyย Polaroid Originals


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