Facebook Is Apparently Banning Women Who Call Men ‘Scum’ And ‘Trash’

The truth hurts.

Omg, lol, so apparently Facebook is banning women for being really hurtful to men with insults like ‘scum’ and ‘trash’ and ‘ugly’. In a Daily Beast article, it’s noted that lots of women who’ve come forward and commented on #metoo posts have had their posts removed or have been banned from the platform.

The article notes comedian Marcia Belsky who got banned for 30 days for writing “men are scum” on a friend’s post. Another comedian, Kayla Avery, has been banned around 10 times — the first time was when she posted “men continue to be the worst” after she was inundated by sexist and scary comments from men. “There was one guy who was threatening to find my house and beat me up,” she said. “I got banned before I could even successfully report it.”

Other sentences that have been removed or reason for bans include “men ain’t shit,” “all men are ugly,” and “all men are allegedly ugly”. Why is this surprising from a platform that lists white men as a protected group and not black children.

Photo: Tumblr