Collection Survey: Ebonny Munro’s ‘Orchestral 2000’ Is Jewellery For Delicate Goths

Gentle rebellion.

Ebonny Munro has been producing jewellery for public consumption since about 2015 — which is when we first spotted her Celestial Daisy collection. Since then, her metal work has grown tough yet still precious. Ebonny has procured a gentle rebellion in her work, and perhaps her life, while on the search for self-understanding.

Her new collection, Orchestral 2000, comes as “reverse merchandise”. Meaning that with Ebonny’s twisted tangible metal comes a warped sonic effort too. Soundtracks to accompany the jewels will be released with the rollout barbed pendants and a maelstrom of fine chains, dotted with rave iconography and crystal healing. Mesmerised by her work, as always, we asked her to have a spin at our Collection Survey.

Name: Ebonny munro

Starsign: Aquarian

Where are you from and where do you live now?
Sapphire coast now in Sydney.

Any personal beliefs or values that are meaningful to your work?
Collecting souvenirs and collaging using the cut up technique — essentially gathering information from a variety of sources and presentation, gives the piece new meaning.

And what were you doing, learning or practicing before you started working on your line?
Before making my line I spent a lot of time searching for purpose, drifting. I have always been trying to understand certain things in my life and that is why I started making jewellery. It’s a medium that helps me better understand myself.

Can you tell me a little bit of background on the collection and label — any inspirations, references, important collaborations?
My jewellery line is just a mirror of my life, really. It is becoming more and more revealing of all aspects of my life. I surround myself with interesting people, and so while I have been working on my jewellery I’ve spent equal amounts of time playing music. I made a mixtape of cut up recorded sounds from my phone in collaboration with my friend Orion, while I have been working on the collection. It’s kind of like reverse merchandise; the merchandise came first and now I am releasing soundtracks to accompany the adornment. I am heavily influenced by Brion Gysin and cut up techniques right now, and black metal music and their DIY approach to merch. I like to thread these influences into my label through packaging — I am inventing souvenirs of the experience of my understandings through silver. I have also been working with my friend Lucy Zaroyko on keeping DIY and collage alive. We have created cute packaging together, sewn by her, and used her handmade clothes throughout the campaign shoot.

If you could describe the collection in five words?
Deranged, dual, trance, telecommunication, transmissions.

If the collection was a colour: Peridot

If it was a mood: Entranced

If it was an animal: Dove

If it was a language: Code

If it was a place: Prague

If it was a time: 6:00am

If it was a song: We made a cut up soundtrack for the collection:

If it was a season: Spring

If it was a food: Pear

If it was a famous person: Percy Grainger

If it was a YouTube video: Psychic TV La Edad de Oro 1984

If it was a smell: Perfume that has just gone off

If it was a texture: Dew drop

If it was a quote: Care about all the things that don’t count

If it was a film: The fashion show part of Fellini’s Roma

Images: Shot together with Ebonny Munro, Alexis Aquino, Chloe Nour and Lucy Zaroyko